Peter Dematté web development

The magic of simple & clean thoughts

Being able to keep ideas simple and clean without loosing the variety of usability and functionality is the most important thing in times of complexity and diversity we are in these days.

A simple approach is often a better way to maintain software, to make processes faster and more reliable and to keep up with the fast growing needs.
It is not always the easiest way to go. You need to know a lot about existing techniques and possibilities and be creative enough to be able to simplify things.

Experiences and knowledge

I've been working for over 20 years in web development, graphic- and web-design.

Latest experiments and projects

While doing my every day jobs and developing web pages and web solutions I've been working on some experiments to extend my skills and to develop debugging-tools and programming helpers.
Some of them are also published and available through open-source channels (e.g. GitHub, Chrome Web Store®).

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Peter Dematté

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